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Broker Licensing

What's Required to Obtain a Broker License

To qualify for a broker's license, you must complete eight courses. Five of the eight
courses MUST be Practice, Finance, Legal Aspects, Appraisal, and Economics.

If you received your original license after 1989, you have probably completed three out of
the eight courses. The BRE keeps records of courses you submitted for licensing.


3 Course = $149
4 Course = $199
5 Course = $249
6 Course = $299
7 Course = $349
8 Course = $399
Include the broker exam prep book for an additional $30.00

Individual Course Selections - Check all that apply.
(If you've already completed any of these courses, don't repeat them!)

Property ManagementCalifornia Real Estate Landlords, Tenants and Property Management
AppraisalCalifornia Real Estate Appraisal
an additional $30 chargeBroker State Exam Prep Book
† For the Appraisal and Escrows courses, the reading materials are only available in print; they are not
available online or on CD-ROM.

Keep more fees
Become the Broker.

To become a broker, you are required to complete eight courses. If you're already a sales agent, you have already completed three of the eight required courses, and need to take five to complete your broker licensing requirements. Need help determining which courses you still need to take? Call us at 951.781.7300 today.

For specific application and experience requirements visit the BRE's Web site:

How first tuesday Licensing Courses Work:

1. Order your courses. All first tuesday courses are homestudy courses. We deliver the materials in print, online and on CD-ROM (the books for courses marked with a "†" are only available in print). Online access is immediate; mailed items ship the business day after the order is placed and arrive within 5-7 business days.

2. Study your materials. The state-mandated minimum study time is 18 days per course. The maximum study time is one year from the date of your order.

3. (Optional) Take the quizzes. Optional quizzes are provided with all first tuesday licensing courses. Answers are provided to help you measure your understanding of the material.

4. Pass your course exams. The open-book course exams can be taken online or through the mail. Each course exam is 100 multiple choice questions over 2 hours and 30 minutes. The passing score for each course exam is 60%. You may take your course exams as many times as you need to pass within your one-year enrollment period.

5. Obtain your Certificates of Completion. Once you pass your course exams, you may print your own Certificates of Completion online. We will also mail you copies. The Certificate of Completion for each course must accompany your application for the State Exam.

6. (Optional) Study the State Exam Prep Book. Prepare for the State Exam by reviewing a pool of sample questions covered in the State Exam. Comes with a glossary, math workbook, and weekly online updates.

Questions? Call us at 951.781.7300 or see our Licensing Course Instructions.

Why choose first tuesday?

Final Exams

To take an exam for any 1 course, 18 days must pass from the date of enrollment. After the first 18 days following enrollment, you become eligible to take another course exam every 18 days.

Take the final exam online or on paper in the presence of a monitor. If taken online, your exam results are posted immediately.

The price includes:

  • reading material online, in print and on CD-ROM;
  • course quizzes;
  • 24-hour testing online or by mail with a monitor;
  • all 350+ first tuesday forms available via download and CD-ROM;
  • a one year subscription to the first tuesday journal;
  • course content and supplements updated monthly;
  • email access for answers to your questions about the course content; and
  • all taxes, shipping, and handling.


California State Exam Prep Options

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