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Sales Agent Licensing

1.1 ALL-INCLUSIVE Agent Licensing $179.00
(no other charges — printed books included)

Features everything you need in education to qualify for a California Real Estate Salesperson License and begin your career in real estate: Principles, Practices, and Legal Aspects.*

Includes your State Exam Prep Book to succeed on the State Exam.

Sales Agent Prep Book included.

What you'll receive from first tuesday with this all-inclusive agent licensing package:
  • High quality, multi-media course study materials: 3 books — each printed and online — best for success on the State Exam:
    • Real Estate Principles: Fundamental knowledge sufficient alone to pass the State Exam;
    • Real Estate Practice: The use of forms as the applicaton of principles in transactions addressed in the State Exam; and
    • Legal Aspects of Real Estate: The basic legal framework for real estate ownership and concepts, the focus of much of the State Exam.
  • Quizzes which measure your understanding of the study material
  • 24-hour testing online or by mail
  • Certificate of completion on passing each course
  • Access to the authors by email with next-day feedback on your questions
  • Flash cards online: real estate terms you'll see on the State Exam
  • Sales Agent State Exam Prep Book (only as a printed book)
    • Over one thousand questions encountered on State Exam
  • Realtipedia, 15 volumes online for enhanced comprehension by studying materials for elective courses - Property Management, Finance, Economics
  • Dictionary online of real estate words and jargon for your reference
  • Monthly online updates and supplemental reporting on course materials
  • Instant phone assistance every workday for your licensing procedure questions
  • Support after you receive your license - first tuesday included services with high cash value, FREE
    • first tuesday journal
    • 400 California real estate forms online
    • farm letters for branding yourself as an active licensee
    • Broker Search for an employer
  • Price includes everything - no further or other charges
  • Guarantee: 100% refund prior to taking exams for one year
* Real Estate Legal Aspects is your elective. It's more relevant to questions on the State Exam than other electives.
1.2 Or Personalize your package:   back to top

Personalize if you've already completed some courses, or if you want to choose your own elective.

Pricing for your personalized enrollment:

1 Course = $66.50
2 Courses = $109.00
3 Courses = $149.00

Optional: Sales Agent Prep Book = $30.00
Add this to your package and increase your chances of passing the State Exam.
CalBRE requires 3 courses: Principles and Practice, plus 1 elective course. Choose your courses below.

California Real Estate Appraisal
OPTIONAL California Real Estate Sales Agent Exam Prep book:
Prep Book

 Salesperson State Exam Prep Book

Add the State Exam Prep book for an additional $30. Includes 1000+ practice questions to help you increase your chances of passing the State Exam.

† The prep book reading material is only available in print; the prep book is not available online.

The price includes:

  • high quality course materials - online and printed books;
  • course content and supplements updated monthly;
  • course quizzes and your proficiency ratings;
  • quick response access to your course authors by email;
  • 24-hour testing online or by mail with a monitor;
  • Certificate of Completion;
  • instant phone assistance every workday by staff;
  • Realtipedia, 15 volumes online for enhanced comprehension; study materials for elective courses - Property Management, Finance Economics
  • Broker Search for an employer
  • 400 first tuesday real estate forms online — visual application of rules;
  • first tuesday journal — our online magazine;
  • first tuesday farm letters for marketing yourself;
  • 100% refund within your one-year enrollment and prior to taking any exams; and
  • all taxes, shipping and handling.
1.3 Final Exam Procedures   back to top
You may take an exam as soon as every 18 days following the date of enrollment. After the first 18 days following enrollment, you become eligible to take another course exam every additional 18 days. Thus, you may complete the 3 courses in 54 days.

Take the final exam online, or do it on paper in the presence of a monitor. If taken online, your exam results are posted immediately. To order paper exams, email

1.4 Read, Prep and Pass.   back to top
You will most likely pass the State Exam on the first try if you follow these steps:

  • Study the entire reading material for all 3 courses, one course at a time.
  • Complete the quizzes for each course until you are answering at least 80% correctly without looking up the answers in the reading material.
  • Work to pass the final exam with at least a 75%. (You only need a 60% to pass and receive a Certificate of Completion.) If you do not achieve 75% correct, we suggest you speed read the material again, redo the quizzes looking up the questions you don't understand and retake the exam until you correctly answer 75%.
  • After completing the courses and applying for and receiving a date to take the State Exam, extensively study the Prep Book for at least 7 days before the exam.
  • Then take the State Exam. You will likely pass on the first try.

1.5 California State Exam Prep Options   back to top

Best Option —

1 Day Live Crash Course

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California State Exam Prep Book
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California State Exam Prep
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It's easy to become
a Sales Agent.

Complete the 3 required courses in as little as 2 months, study the State Exam Prep Book, apply for and pass the State Exam and receive your license.

Also see the CalBRE's Sales Agent Licensing eligibility requirements.

How first tuesday Licensing Courses Work:

Here's an infographic to show you how our Sales Agent Licensing Courses and the CalBRE licensing process work.

All first tuesday Sales Agent Licensing Courses are homestudy correspondence courses. We deliver the materials in print and online (the books for courses marked with a "†" are only available in print). Online access is immediate; printed books ship the business day after the order is placed and arrive within 5-7 business days.

There is a $17.50 charge for switching courses after ordering.

Questions? Call us at 951.781.7300 or see our Licensing Course Instructions.

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