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Pkg # 1001 Video Renewal Course: Real Estate Made Reel™ — Easiest Video Renewal Course: Real Estate Made Reel
California's first – and only – video-based renewal experience. 6 hours of cinematic video supported with online reading, audio and quizzes. The course contains a comprehensive overview of ownership concepts and real estate law, the use of various types of listing agreements, proper handling of property disclosures, applied real estate valuation, notes and their provisions, and foreclosure proceedings.
Pkg # 901 Economic Trends in California Real Estate — Most Topical Understand the 25 factors affecting the CA real estate market
Includes revelations about the 25 game-changing market factors pushing and pulling our California real estate market. Numerous charts vividly display critical data shaping tomorrow's real estate transactions, with narration about the insight you need to anticipate future action in our real estate market.
Pkg # 104 Real Estate Matters — Unique to California Debunks common real estate myths
A collection of today’s hot-button real estate issues currently affecting California real estate transactions. Topics include licensee conduct, conditions of purchase, buyer's contracts and contingencies, property management, real estate finance, current real estate economics, as well as controversial real estate myths obscuring California’s dynamic market today.
The Online-Timed course requires 45-hr timed reading
Pkg # 603 Landlords, Tenants and Property Management A manual on property management and leasing
Studying this course will dramatically increase your competency in handling the legal aspects of both residential and commercial landlord-tenant relationships under California law. Best of all, the long-term and recession-proof occupation of income property management and leasing is a consistent moneymaker.
Pkg # 802 Due Diligence and Disclosures Mitigate risk of losses on your SFR practice
Discover how you can expand and even perfect your ability as a real estate agent to document disclosures by using the correct forms. Forms are presented as checklists to assist you in the preparation of listing and purchase agreements to help you better understand all the contractual aspects of a California real estate sales transaction.
Pkg # 305 Income Property Brokerage — California Commercial Evaluate and broker income properties for your investor clients
Learn how a commercial agent evaluates and arranges transactions on various income-producing properties for owner and investor clients. This book has vast scope in practice and offers compelling advice on leasing, property management, tax analysis and syndication.
Pkg # 405 Tax Benefits of Ownership Learn to advise clients and yourself on CA and IRS tax aspects
Prepare for any discussion about taxes on any type of real estate transaction or ownership you might encounter—principal residence, business-use property and income producing property. Covers the brand new proposition 19 progressive tax scheme which significantly alters prop 13 benefits for parent-child property transfers and transfers of assessments to a replacement residence for homeowners aged 55 or more.
Pkg # 505 California Mortgage Lending — Consumer & Commercial Best practices for mortgage origination in CA
A manual on the best practices for originating, servicing and foreclosing on consumer and business mortgages under state and federal rules. Topics include licensing and management, consumer mortgage practice and reports, types of mortgages, consumer protection laws, servicing, default and foreclosure and private lender mortgages.
Pkg # 203 Buying Homes in Foreclosure & Creating Carryback Financing Explore seller carrybacks and CA equity purchase deals
Discover how to prepare the proper documentation and advise investors on the purchase of seller-occupied, one-to-four unit residential property in foreclosure in California. Learn the financial benefits, risks, legal consequences and the deferred tax impact of carryback financing arrangements.
Pkg # 702 Forming Real Estate Syndicates & Creating Carryback Financing Learn how to syndicate and do carryback sales in CA
Discover how to create investment groups and control large income properties structured as an LLC providing a liability shield for all participants. Learn the financial benefits, risks, legal consequences and the deferred tax impact of carryback financing arrangements.

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  • Each of our ten 45-hour CE packages include the DRE mandated
  • 20 BO-AFTER hours comprising Implicit Bias, Office Management, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Funds, Ethics and Risk Management
  • 25 Hours of Consumer Protection
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  • Complete as soon as six days by selecting printed books or just online (without timer)
  • Or complete within 3 days by selecting online-timed requiring 45 hours of reading
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After enrolling, you may switch to a different course or upgrade from online to printed book for a fee of $17.50

45-Hr Course Preview

Student testimonials

The video course materials are extremely, extremely fun with great actors and amazing visuals. The creative video talent that made this course is really outstanding.

Marie M.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #1001

I liked the videos, for me it was a better way of studying and picked up on things I either forgot or did not know.

Brian G.
DRE Broker
on Package #1001

This was painless. It was helpful. The course work was right on target. This is pure perfection.

real estate agent Greg Doud, former student of firsttuesday courses

Greg D.
DRE Broker
on Package #901

The course was relevant to today's real estate market. It helped explain the practice and laws in real time.

Theresa H.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #901

Very professional overall. The website and licensing course materials are very well organized and easy to navigate.

Gary G.
DRE Broker
on Package #901

I was able to learn a new concept that makes me more marketable in my profession.

David M.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #405

When I had questions, the first tuesday representatives were courteous and professional. Excellent customer service.

Lynne W.
DRE Broker
on Package #901

I felt like the material was well organized and easy to use.

Julianne S.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #603

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