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Realty Publications, Inc.
Legal Edit 2016

California Real Estate Principles

  • Read e-book
Realty Publications, Inc.
Legal Edit 2015

California Real Estate Practice book

  • Read e-book
Legal Aspects
Realty Publications, Inc.
Legal Edit 2016

California Real Estate Legal Aspects book

  • Read e-book
Realty Publications, Inc.
Legal Edit 2016

California Real Estate Finance textbook

  • Read e-book

Realty Publications, Inc.
Legal Edit 2022

California Real Estate Economics textbook

  • Read e-book

California Real Estate Appraisal textbook

  • Available only in print and ships with all Appraisal enrollments
Property Management

Realty Publications, Inc.
Legal Edit 2020

Property Management course textbook

  • Read e-book
Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
Realty Publications, Inc.
Legal Edit 2018

Real estate Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending course textbook

  • Read e-book
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Be the Broker

  1. Please review the DRE's Broker Licensing eligibility requirements
  2. Determine the courses you have completed and the courses you need to complete
    Tip - Email the DRE at AskDRELicensing or call 1.877.373.4542 to inquire about the remaining courses you need
  3. Enroll in the courses you need to complete
  4. - Instant access to online study materials
    - Printed books ship the next business day
  5. Study, and pass our course exams
  6. Submit your certificates of completion with an application to the DRE to take the State Exam
  7. - Schedule your State Broker Exam
  8. Train for the State Exam, pass, and be licensed
  • - Read the State Exam Study Guide
  • - Study your State Exam Prep Book
  • - Take the interactive Practice Exams
  • - Focus on the Flash Card App slideshow
  • - Watch the Online Video Crash Course
  • - Listen to Concept Audio Glossary

Education and Licensing Preamble
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Licensing Course Preview

7 steps to become a broker from courses to becoming a licensed real estate broker in california

Videos embedded in e-books
  • Hours of engaging videos which vividly illustrate critical concepts. See and hear ideas put into practice in your e-books
  • Each Course Video features Learning Objectives and Video Summaries to solidify your understanding and highlight critical concepts
  • New videos added to the e-books
  • Unlimited access to all new videos during your enrollment
Course Video Preview

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