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Broker Licensing Education

Become a Broker

To become a broker, you are required to complete 8 real estate courses

As a sales agent, you completed 3 of the 8 courses, including Principles and Practices

Education and Licensing Preamble
Critical Aspects What to expect from your first tuesday course enrollment
Infographic An infographic in Courses, State exam prep and licensing
Course Testing Final exam procedures for your courses
State Licensing Procedures Broker Agent Licensing Kit and State Exam Training Guide
Professional Services Extensive first tuesday services for your professional use
To start, check boxes to enroll in the courses you want
The total price for all courses you select is at the botton, discounts included

1 Course = $76.50
2 Courses = $126.50
3 Courses = $176.50
4 Courses = $226.50

5 Courses = $276.50
6 Courses = $326.50
7 Courses = $376.50
8 Courses = $426.50

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Legal Edit 2016

California Real Estate Principles

Legal Edit 2015

California Real Estate Practice
Legal Aspects

Legal Edit 2016

California Real Estate Legal Aspects

Legal Edit 2016

California Real Estate Finance

Legal Edit 2018

California Real Estate Economics

California Real Estate Appraisal

Legal Edit 2016

Property Management
Mortgage Loan Brokering
and Lending

Legal Edit 2016

Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
Prep Book and practice tests for the State Broker Exam
State Exam Prep Book $39.00
— $9 discount when ordered with an educational course

The prep book increases your chances of passing the State Exam It's both printed and online, and contains 1,100+ practice questions It is coupled with an endless variety of interactive practice tests to train you for the DRE licensing exam

  • RPI California State Exam Prep Book, in print
  • and e-book 1,100 practice questions to increase your ability to pass the State Exam
  • Includes interactive State Exam Practice Tests
  • online, in endless variations to better position you for handling topics on the State Exam
  • Online Dictionary - Glossary of Real Estate terms
  • by first tuesday, your classic plain language source for definitions
  • DRE Broker Licensing Kit a step by step checklist
  • of licensing procedures, study tips, and exam day guidance

    Online Video Crash Course & Digital Flash Cards
    — Build the confidence you need to master the State Exam
    Online Video Crash Course and Digital Flash Cards $55.00
    — $5 discount when ordered with an educational course
  • Over 12 hours of online content with 40+ instructive videos 4 to 14 minutes
  • each and interactive practice exams
  • Covers all seven topical categories on the State Exam
  • Topic-specific interactive sample questions featuring a detailed explanation
  • of each question and answer with decoding tips
  • Gives you the benefit of a live top-flight Crash Course at home, or on the go
  • with a smart device
  • Tips to decipher questions and strategically arrive at the correct answer
  • Includes supplements covering real estate mathematics and identity of
  • transaction participants
  • first tuesday's mobile Flash Card App trains you to retain — on the go
  • The app's efficient learning modes use memorized-sorting slideshows to teach you terms you need to know to pass the State Exam
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    Critical aspects of your first tuesday licensing courses
  • These courses are homestudy correspondence courses;
  • California Specific content, updated online monthly
  • All-inclusive Pricing — taxes and shipping, everything included
  • All course materials delivered in print and e-book — except the Appraisal book
  • Course Videos which bring real estate concepts to life — new videos
  • constantly added
  • Online access is immediate; printed books arrive via USPS in 5-7 business
  • days
  • Your course testing procedures; comprehensive quizzes
  • For best comprehension, course content is fully linked to RPI forms and
  • provisions
  • Have a question on content? Next day answer, all via email
  • Print your Certificate of Completion on passing each course
  • You have one year to complete the courses
  • You receive email reminders to complete before course expiration
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee during enrollment before any testing;
  • 90 days for prep materials

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    Your Course Testing Procedures
  • You may take one exam every 18 days following the date of your enrollment
  • After the first 18 days you may take one exam, then another exam every 18
  • days. Thus, you may complete 3 courses in 54 days
  • You may print your Certificate of Completion at any time
  • Each course exam has 100 multiple choice questions and are open book with
  • a 60% passing score to complete the exams, with unlimited attempts during your one year enrollment
  • Course quizzes are included in the printed book and online for you to check
  • your comprehension and prepare you for course testing Quizzes are not graded
  • You may take the final exam online 24/7 Or you may test on paper in the
  • presence of a monitor
  • When taken online, your exam results are posted on completing the exam or
  • expiration of testing time

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    Professional Services
    — You receive due to your enrollment

    Looking beyond your Exams and licensing, first tuesday supports your development as an active agent without further charge You receive numerous professional goods and services of great annual value as part of your enrollment

    • Customer Service Fast, friendly, LIVE customer service on first ring 8:30AM - 5:00PM, Monday-Friday
    • Dictionary An online dictionary of real estate words and jargon to help you on the State Exam
    • Books In Print & Online Highest-quality, California-specific materials published by first tuesday/RPI
    • 400+ Real Estate Forms first tuesday real estate forms online — visual application of rules in practice
    • The first tuesday Journal Our online real estate news with market trends, legislation, regulations, and cases 50,000+ unique readers monthly
    • Realtipedia 16 e-book volumes for enhanced comprehension and professional reference
    • 200+ FARM Letters FARM letter templates and copy to market your practice; create your brand
    • Client Q&A Marketing Flyers Download FREE Client Q&A Flyers for marketing your practice
    • Broker Search Search for an employer
    • Career Manual Your practice built on "Who you are" - branding by assessable achievements

    Benefits BAB

    Broker Licensing eligibility

    Be the Broker

    1. Determine the courses you have completed and the courses you need to complete
      Tip - call the DRE at 1.877.373.4542 for their file on course you listed with them
    2. Enroll in the courses you need to complete
      Instantly access online study materials
      Printed books ship the next business day
    3. Study, then pass our course exams
      Submit your certificates of completion to the DRE
      Schedule your State broker exam
    4. To train for the state exam, pass and be licensed
  • Read the State Exam Study Guide
  • Study your State Exam Prep Book
  • Take the interactive practice exams
  • Review the Flash card app
  • Watch the Online Video Crash course
  • Attend a live State Exam Prep course
  • How first tuesday Licensing Courses Work:

    Licensing Course Preview

    Student testimonials

    I just want to say thank you for putting together an excellent group of Broker courses. In addition to the individual study courses, I bought the California Real Estate Broker Exam Prep Book (22nd Edition) several weeks ago and have been studying the material and taking the practice exams. Yesterday, I took my Broker Exam in San Diego and passed! I could not have done this without the Prep Book. I will definitely recommend your courses to anyone interested in pursuing a Real Estate career. Thanks again!

    Tom B.
    Future DRE Broker
    on Broker Licensing Package

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