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45-Hr CalBRE Continuing Education

— Broker and Sales Agent Renewal

CalBRE requires you to complete 45 hours of continuing education to renew your license. Six 3-hour CE courses are mandated topics and 27 hours of Consumer Protection.

Continuing Education Preamble
Before enrolling, please glance over the following items to best set your expectations
Critical Aspects What to expect from your first tuesday course enrollment
Testing Procedures Final exam procedures for your courses
Professional Services Extensive first tuesday services for your professional use

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Landlords, Tenants and Property Management
Legal Edit 2017

Landlords, Tenants and Property Management
Office Management & Supervision, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Funds, Ethics and Risk Management
Legal Edit 2018

Office Management and Supervision
27 hours of Consumer Protection
Landlords, Tenants and Property Management

Studying this course will dramatically increase your competency in handling the legal aspects of both residential and commercial landlord-tenant relationships. Best of all, the long-term and recession-proof occupation of income property management and leasing is a consistent moneymaker.

18 hours of Office Management & Supervision, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Funds, Ethics and Risk Management
Office Management & Supervision

A critical analysis of how real estate brokers are to establish policies, rules and procedures for managing their offices and limit their exposure to risk. Also covered is the tracking of agent activities, records, funds and reports, as well as the appointment and supervision of an office manager, and implementing a successful marketing strategy.


Agency and representation are synonymous in real estate transactions. Learn how a broker, by accepting employment from a client, undertakes the task of aggressively using due diligence to represent the client - to meet the client's purpose for retaining the broker.

Fair Housing

Fair Housing focuses on the federal and state housing laws which relate to the sale and rental of property, such as prohibitions against redlining, discriminatory advertisement, refusing to show properties and blockbusting.

Trust Funds

Trust Funds covers the management and accounting of trust funds belonging to others which a broker handles in the course of their business.


A review of the procedures for maintaining professional standards in all real estate transactions to ensure truthful and reputable conduct by real estate licensees. Topics include how to disclose a conflict of interest, the proper handling of a counteroffer form, property disclosures, the accurate representation of mortgage terms and prohibited practices, such as use of kickbacks, price fixing and restricted MLS access.

Our Ethics course meets and exceeds the CAR/NAR Code of Ethics requirement because it is approved by the California DRE.

Risk Management

Recognize, handle and effectively resolve the risk of liability inherent in the practice of real estate related activities. The correct use of forms to make disclosures and present analyses is crucial to avoid the errors and omissions which place liability on the broker and their agents.

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Review this chart for your enrollment options

Compare Your Study Methods
You have options when enrolling to choose the study method you want for reading your course material
PDF, online,
no timer

printed, PDF, online, no timer
45 hours of CE, including 27 hours of Consumer Protection, and 3 hours each of Office Management, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Funds, Ethics and Risk Management
Meets CE requirements for first or subsequent renewals
Immediate online access
Minimum time to complete course 6 Days 6 Days
Printed books, no timer  
e-book/PDF [downloadable], no timer
Online reading WITH timer    
Online quizzes and exams
Printed quizzes and exams available  
Test on max of 15 CE hours per 24-hour period
Downloadable certificate

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Critical aspects of your first tuesday CE courses
  • These courses are homestudy correspondence courses;
    - California Specific content, updated online monthly
  • All-inclusive Pricing — taxes and shipping, everything is included
  • All course materials are delivered in print, e-book or HTML
  • Online access is immediate - printed books arrive via USPS in 5-7 business days
  • After ordering, a $17.50 charge is incurred to upgrade from e-book to a printed book.
  • There is an additional charge to switch from one package topic to another after ordering.
  • Course content is fully linked to RPI forms and provisions, for best comprehension.
  • Have a question on course content? Next day answer, all via email
  • Print your Certificate of Completion on passing all courses
  • You have one year to complete the courses
  • You receive email reminders to complete before course expiration
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee during enrollment before any testing;
    - 90 days for State Exam training materials

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    Your Course Testing Procedures
    STEP 1: Your course outline

    Your 45-hour continuing education package is divided into 3 sections. Each section has its own quizzes and exam(s). To complete your 45 hours, follow your personalized course outline online.

    STEP 2: Your minimum study time before taking exams

    On enrollment, your course reading materials are immediately available online. You may complete your course in as little as 6 days, unless you are enrolled in the 45-hour online-timed course (104). You may test on no more than 15 credit hours of continuing education during a 24-hour period.

    STEP 3: Take the quizzes

    Quizzes are mandatory and available online immediately after enrollment. Quizzes are not timed and there is no minimum passing score. you have unlimited quiz attempts. Quizzes are taken online by clicking on "Take Quiz" link in your course outline. Feedback on your quiz performance and quiz answers are provided after you complete each quiz.

    STEP 4: Take the final exams

    Before reviewing any course material online, DRE requires you to acknowledge, under penalty of perjury, that you are the person enrolled, and you will be the only person to complete the course.

    You must pass all exams with a score of 70% to receive 45 hours of continuing education credit. Exams are multiple choice and open book. The exam(s) for each section become available only after you've met the minimum study time and taken the quizzes for that section. You may only test on 15 hours of continuing education (one step) per 24-hour period. The maximum time allowed per exam is equal to 1 minute per question. Exams are available online by clicking on the "Take Exam" link in your course outline. Online exams are graded instantly upon completion.

    When you fail any exam a backup exam is immediately available online. If you also fail the backup exam, the section automatically resets requiring you to repeat the study and exam process. For Sections 1, 2 and 3 resets, you retake the quizzes and wait the minimum study time before receiving 2 more attempts to pass the section exam.

    Minimum study times for reset sections vary;

    • two days when you fail Section 1 or 2 exams;
    • four days when you fail both sections 1 and 2 exams; and
    • for Section 3, you wait 3 hours per failed exam.

    You incur no charge for retakes on resets during your 1-year enrollment.

    NOTICE: Students enrolled in 45 hour CE packages other than #203 and 702, have their scores for exams on Sections 1 and 2 averaged. When your averaged score is less than 70%, both Sections 1 and 2 reset.

    STEP 5: Receive your certificate and renew your DRE license

    Once you pass your course exams, the Certificate of Completion becomes available online under the "Certificate" section of your student account. You are responsible for reporting your course completion to DRE. DRE doesn't accept course completions directly from schools/ DRE forms, fees, addresses and application instructions are available under the "Renewal Forms and Instructions" section of your student account. Choose either "Sales Agent Renewal Forms and Instructions" or "Broker Renewal Forms and instructions."

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    Post-Licensing Services
    - As part of your enrollment, you receive numerous professional goods and services
    of great annual value
    - Looking beyond your State Exams and licensing as an agent, first tuesday supports your
    development as an active agent without further charge.

    • Customer Service Fast, friendly, LIVE customer service on first ring 8:30AM - 5:00PM, Monday-Friday
    • Dictionary An online dictionary of real estate words and jargon to help you on the State Exam
    • Books In Print & Online Highest-quality, California-specific materials published by first tuesday/RPI
    • 400+ Real Estate Forms first tuesday real estate forms online
      - visual application of rules in practice
    • The first tuesday Journal Our online real estate news with market trends, legislation, regulations, and cases, 50,000+ unique readers monthly
    • Realtipedia 16 e-book volumes for enhanced comprehension and professional reference
    • 200+ FARM Letters FARM letter templates and copy to market your practice, create your brand
    • Client Q&A Marketing Flyers Download FREE Client Q&A Flyers for marketing your practice as an advisor
    • Broker Search Search for an employing broker
    • Career Manual Your practice built on "Who you are"
      - branding by assessable achievements
    Discounts - Third Party RE related services
  • Website Planning
  • A dynamic all-in-one platform for creating a stunning website - get 10% off with code: "FIRSTTUESDAY"
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage
  • CRES Insurance Services, has affiliated with first tuesday to offer our members a $75.00 discount on the issuance an E&O Policy, by members using the code: "FIRST".
    Errors & Omissions insurance is designed to cover the costs of defending yourself against legal action and paying settlements or judgments that may be issued against you.

    How first tuesday CE Courses Work:

    This infographic tells you how our 45-hour DRE CE courses work and what you get from us.

    Choose one package

    - with the study topic most interesting to you.
  • Each study package meets the DRE's 45-hour CE license renewal requirements for both brokers and agents
  • Each 45-hour study package includes 27 hours of Consumer Protection and the 6 mandatory 3-hour courses of Office Management, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Funds, Ethics and Risk Management
  • FREE test re-takes during your one year enrollment
  • We offer three types of enrollments
    - e-book and printed book
    - e-book downloadable
    - Online-timed e-book
  • With a e-book/printed book enrollment, you receive the materials in print and e-book without a reading timer
  • With an e-book enrollment, you receive the materials online in PDF and HTML format without a reading timer
  • With an Online-timed e-book enrollment, you receive the materials online in HTML format with a reading timer.
  • - You need to log 45 hours of reading

    All orders are shipped via USPS

    After ordering, there is a $17.50 charge to upgrade from e-book to add the printed book.

    There is an additional charge to switch from one package topic to another after ordering.

    Questions about Course Instructions?

    45-Hr Course Preview

    Student testimonials

    This was painless. It was helpful. The course work was right on target. This is pure perfection.

    Greg D.
    DRE Broker
    on Package #901

    The course was relevant to today's real estate market. It helped explain the practice and laws in real time.

    Theresa H.
    DRE Sales Agent
    on Package #901

    Very professional overall. The website and licensing course materials are very well organized and easy to navigate.

    Gary G.
    DRE Broker
    on Package #901

    I was able to learn a new concept that makes me more marketable in my profession.

    David M.
    DRE Sales Agent
    on Package #405

    When I had questions, the first tuesday representatives were courteous and professional. Excellent customer service.

    Lynne W.
    DRE Broker
    on Package #901

    I felt like the material was well organized and easy to use.

    Julianne S.
    DRE Sales Agent
    on Package #603

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