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Pkg # 702 Forming Real Estate Syndicates & Creating Carryback Financing

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Creating Carryback Financing course content page

  • You are viewing this page for the course content for our 45hr package #702
  • This course covers how to syndicate and do carryback sales in CA
  • 25 hrs of Forming Real Estate Syndicates & Creating Carryback Financing
  • 20 hrs in seven DRE-mandated BO-AFTER™ now presented in dynamic video

25 hours of Consumer Protection

FRES Forming Real Estate Syndicates

Realty Publications Inc.
Legal Edit 2015
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Forming Real Estate Syndicates
  • Forming Real Estate Syndicates provides you with the critical knowledge needed to use a limited liability company (LLC) entity in group investment programs
  • This book also discusses syndication activities and their chronology, the laws governing LLCs, the use of investment circulars and supplemental materials to solicit investors, and LLC operating agreements for the management of the investment group
  • Also analyzed are investment activities that present a risk of loss controlled by securities law and tenant-in-common co-ownerships

104 Creating Carryback Financing

Realty Publications, Inc.
Legal Edit 2016
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Creating Carryback Financing
  • Creating Carryback Financing equips California brokers, agents, buyers and sellers in carryback financing transactions with the knowledge to efficiently structure seller financing agreements, advise on their financial risks and rewards while complying with the latest laws and regulations
  • This book includes up-to-date, in-depth analyses of carryback financing basics, notes and their provisions, trust deeds, sophisticated carryback arrangements and tax aspects of carryback paper
20 hours of BO-AFTER™: Implicit Bias - Video,
    Office Management & Supervision - Video, Agency - Video,
    Fair Housing - Video, Trust Funds - Video, Ethics - Video
    and Risk Management - Video
Office Management and Supervision Implicit Bias, Office Management & Supervision, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Funds, Ethics and Risk Management – now upgraded to video
Realty Publications, Inc.
Legal Edit 2023
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Your next DRE renewal just got more entertaining - and informational. See what’s new
Implicit Bias
  • Federal and state fair housing law in the context of explicit and implicit bias
  • The wealth and homeownership gap between white, Black and Latinx households, and how it is perpetuated by discriminatory lending and real estate practices
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Office Management & Supervision
  • A critical analysis of how real estate brokers are to establish policies, rules and procedures for managing their offices and limit their exposure to risk
  • Also covered is the tracking of agent activities, records, funds and reports, as well as the appointment and supervision of an office manager, and implementing a successful marketing strategy
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  • Agency and representation are synonymous in real estate transactions
  • Learn how a broker, by accepting employment from a client, undertakes the task of aggressively using due diligence to represent the client - to meet the client's purpose for retaining the broker
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Fair Housing
  • Fair Housing focuses on the federal and state housing laws which relate to the sale and rental of property, such as prohibitions against redlining, discriminatory advertising, refusing to show properties and blockbusting
  • Includes Access for All: A Fair Housing Game™ blending video, animation, text, and voice in an engaging interactive experience that puts you directly into the shoes of transaction participants
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Trust Funds
  • Trust Funds covers the management and accounting of trust funds belonging to others which a broker handles in the course of their business
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  • A review of the procedures for maintaining professional standards in all real estate transactions to ensure truthful and reputable conduct by real estate licensees
  • Topics include how to disclose a conflict of interest, the proper handling of a counteroffer form, property disclosures, the accurate representation of mortgage terms and prohibited practices, such as use of kickbacks, price fixing and restricted MLS access
  • Our Ethics course meets and exceeds the CAR/NAR Code of Ethics requirement because it is approved by the California DRE
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Risk Management
  • Recognize, handle and effectively resolve the risk of liability inherent in the practice of real estate related activities
  • The correct use of forms to make disclosures and present analyses is crucial to avoid the errors and omissions which place liability on the broker and their agents
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Student testimonials

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the high-quality, information-packed class for renewing the CA DRE Broker License. Thank you for also stressing the ability to use RPI forms...for free! I downloaded the forms and I can't thank you enough.

Marie A Ault.
DRE Broker
on Package #1001

The video course materials are extremely, extremely fun with great actors and amazing visuals. The creative video talent that made this course is really outstanding.

Marie M.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #1001

I liked the videos, for me it was a better way of studying and picked up on things I either forgot or did not know.

Brian G.
DRE Broker
on Package #1001

The Fair Housing Game was fun to interact with and the Renewal Instruction video is informative and well explained. Thank you first tuesday!

Norma Lara
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #1001

This was painless. It was helpful. The course work was right on target. This is pure perfection.

real estate agent Greg Doud, former student of firsttuesday courses

Greg D.
DRE Broker
on Package #901

The course was relevant to today's real estate market. It helped explain the practice and laws in real time.

Theresa H.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #901

Very professional overall. The website and licensing course materials are very well organized and easy to navigate.

Gary G.
DRE Broker
on Package #901

I was able to learn a new concept that makes me more marketable in my profession.

David M.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #405

When I had questions, the first tuesday representatives were courteous and professional. Excellent customer service.

Lynne W.
DRE Broker
on Package #901

I felt like the material was well organized and easy to use.

Julianne S.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #603

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