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Here's a price snapshot of California schools with CalBRE and NMLS approved real estate homestudy programs. Shipping is included unless otherwise noted. Availability may be limited for some schools.

We know you have options when selecting your courses for real estate licensing or continuing education. So we keep our prices low, our service unparalleled and our California-specific writings extraordinary.

Pricing information is accurate as of

May 18, 2018.

* Available as books or online (but not both combined)
^ Listed prices do not include shipping and handling

Student testimonials

[I liked] the ease of the course and having all the required information at your fingertips at anytime — online and books.

Zenobia J.
Future DRE Sales Agent
on Sales Agent Licensing Package

You guys have the best course. Not only did I enjoy reading through material but I also passed the big test the very first time. I love you guys!!

Huma E.
Mortgage Loan Originator
on NMLS 8-Hour Continuing Education

Very easy to understand, up to date, well written and definitely useful in my profession.

Luke D.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #901

I can’t believe the amount of real estate education I am getting through this course. I’ve been renewing my license since 1985; 8-9 times. I have never come across such comprehensive, clearly presented and valuable information useful to anybody dealing with real estate. The books you’ve sent me are going to be my Real Estate Bibles. They have cleared so many questions I could not get answers to since 1985 — all in one place. This was a great opportunity to refresh my real estate knowledge as a broker. Easy to read, lots of very interesting information and examples. Helped me very much to refresh and get more education. I am very happy I chose first tuesday to renew my license versus other places.

Rubina S.
DRE Broker
on Package #203

Helpful to hear it aloud and have tips to memorize the information.

Jacqueline K
Future DRE Sales Agent
on Live Crash Course

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CalBRE Licensing Courses (Books + Online)

School Name One Course Three Courses Five Courses
first tuesday $76.50 $176.50 $276.50
Executive Programs $99.00 $297.00 $495.00
RELSTONE $98.00 $148.00* $263.00
Clare Institute $89.00^ $219.00^ $325.00^
Chamberlin $89.00^ $219.00 $325.00
Allied Business Schools, Inc. $88.00^ $219.00 $349.00^
NEWSTAR Realty and Inv. $80.00 $240.00 $400.00
Duane Gomer Inc. $70.00^ $160.00^ $250.00^
Premier Schools $79.50 $168.00 $255.00
Real Estate Trainers $129.00^ $449.00^ $699.00^

45-Hour CalBRE Continuing Education Courses

School Name Online-only
with timer
no timer
printed and PDF
no timer
shipping included
first tuesday $44.50 $54.50-$69.50 $64.50-$79.50
45 Hours Online Not Available $44.00 Not Available
Accredited Real Estate Schools, Inc. Not Available $59.00 $69.00^
Allied Business Schools, Inc. Not Available $67.00 $92.00^
California License Not Available $59.00 Not Available
Chamberlin Not Available $49.00 $59.00^
Charlie Krackeler Not Available $75.00 Not Available
Clare Institute Not Available $49.00 $66.50^
Duane Gomer Inc. Not Available $60.00 $85.00
eLicense School $175 - $225 Not Available $275.00
Executive Programs Not Available $39.00 - $79.00 Not Available
Golden Hyde School Not Available $90.00 $180.00
Lumbleau Not Available $59.00 $69.00^
NEWSTAR Realty and Inv. Not Available Not Available $115.00
Premier Schools Not Available $49.00 Not Available
Real Estate Trainers Not Available $59.00 $69.00^
Revei Not Available $65.00 $85.00
The Realty Institute, LLC Not Available $70.00 $75.00^
Star Max Real Estate School Not Available $49.00 $59.00^
Training and Broker Services Not Available $60.00 $72.00^

8-Hour MLO/NMLS Renewal

School Name Total Charge Advertised Charge NMLS Fee Included DBO or CalBRE
first tuesday $49.50 $49.50 YES Both
Duane Gomer, Inc. $109.00 $109.00 YES DBO
Chamberlin $99.00 $99.00 YES DBO
Revei CalBRE $49.00
DBO $61.00
CalBRE $37.00
DBO $49.00
Real Estate Trainers $99.00 $99.00 YES DBO
Premier Schools CalBRE $49.00
DBO $61.00
CalBRE $37.00
DBO $49.00
NO Both
Broker CE N/A N/A N/A N/A
Allied Business Schools, Inc. $69.00 $69.00 YES DBO
OnlineEd CalBRE $45.00
DBO $47.00
CalBRE $33.00
DBO $35.00
NO Both

Prep Book

School Name Price Online or Printed Online Practice Exams
first tuesday $39.00 Both Yes; 1,100 + questions, diagnostic exams, topical exams and simulated exams with randomized questions
Real Estate Trainers $37 + $14 S/H Both Yes; 900 questions
Kaplan $59.00 Online Yes
California License $49.00 Online N/A
Dynasty Schools $95.00 Both Yes; 1500 questions
RELSTONE $79.00 + $10.95 S/H Both Yes; 20 exams
Duane Gomer $90.00 Both Yes; 1,100 questions
Chamberlin Real Estate School $40.00 + $11.00 S/H Both Yes; 700 questions
Rockwell Institute $39.95 Online N/A
Clare Institute $40.00 Online Yes; 500 questions
Premier School $49.00 Online Yes; 5 exams


Company Name 3 Hour
6 Hour
Online, Printed or Live Sample Exams Unique Reading Materials
first tuesday $19.50 $49.50 Online Yes; 200+ randomized questions Yes; handsomely formatted
S & R Notary Solutions $24.99 29.99 Online and Live N/A N/A
ProCert Training, LLC $19.00 $24.00 Online N/A N/A
Online Notary Institute $45.00 $45.00 Online and Printed N/A N/A
National Notary Institute $175.00 $175.00 Online and Live N/A N/A
Six Hour Notary Study Course (notary-edu services) $20.00 $50.00 Online Yes; 200 questions N/A
California Notary Exam $24-$34 $29-$39 All N/A N/A
Allied School $28.00 $38.00 Online N/A N/A
American Society of Notaries N/A $42.00 (Member)
$55 (Nonmember)
Online N/A N/A
Notaries Unlimited (D.Gomer) $45-$90 $45-$90 All Yes; 138 questions N/A
Notary Classes $69.95 $69.95 All N/A N/A
Notary Classes online $49 $49 Online N/A N/A
California Notary Training Center $79-$109 $99-$119 All N/A N/A
Cal Notary Class $20.00 $20.00 Online N/A N/A
Academy of Notaries Public $39.00 $49.00 All Yes; general questions
Allstate Notary Preparation $35.00 $35.00 All N/A N/A

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