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To renew your DRE license

Welcome to instructions for renewal of your DRE license, by first tuesday
  • For Sales Agent and Broker renewals
  • You have completed your CE courses
    • - DRE does not accept Certificates directly from educators
    • - Corporation and Officer licenses are renewed only by mail

    To renew online - What you need

  • Our printed Certificates of Completion for your CE courses
    • - You may download your Certificate of Completion from your first tuesday
      • Student Homepage, or request one at 951.781.7300
  • Credit or Debit Card — Visa, Mastercard or American Express
  • If you are employed by a broker, include their email address for DRE verification of
    • employment
      Then, click this button and log in Register for eLicensing
  • The DRE's eLicensing Help Desk number is 916.263.8987
  • Or call the DRE direct at 877.373.4542
  • To renew by mail — what you send to the DRE

  • Sales Agent licensees
  • - The Renewal Notice you received from the DRE (recommended but optional)
  • Individual Broker licensees
  • - The Renewal Notice you received from the DRE (recommended but optional)
  • Corporate Broker licensees
    • signed
    • - Note - Use your Certificates of Completion to fill out this form
    • - To download a pre-filled RE 251, log in to your Student Homepage
    - The Renewal Notice you received from the DRE (recommended but optional)
  • When paying the renewal fee by check, use a personal check, cashier's check or money
    • order made payable to the Department of Real Estate
  • When paying the renewal fee by credit card, use DRE Credit Card Payment Form RE 909
  • Mail To:

    Department of Real Estate
    P.O. Box 137003
    Sacramento, CA 95813-7003

    Fees Payable to the DRE

    Sales Agent Fees
  • On-time renewal - $245
  • Late renewal - $367
  • Broker Fees - individual, officer, corporate
  • On-time renewal - $300
  • Late renewal - $450
  • License Renewal Timelines

    • Your DRE license is renewed every 4 years
    • You may take your CE renewal courses at any time during the four-year period prior to expiration of your license
    • You apply for an on-time renewal only during the 90 day period before your license expires
    • You have a two-year grace period after expiration of your license in which to apply for renewal
    • - Renewing your license during the
      two-year grace period results in a late
      fee charge

    Contacting the DRE

  • DRE's phone number is 877.373.4542
  • Or call first tuesday at 951.781.7300
  • Helpful DRE Links

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