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Sales Agent Licensing Education

Welcome to Become an Agent, by firsttuesday
Education and Licensing Preamble
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Legal Aspects (elective)
State Exam Prep Book & Practice Exams  
State Exam Training Package    

Licensing & Prep PLUS Package — e-books and printed books
The Licensing & Prep PLUS package is all-inclusive, featuring:
  • Your 3-Course educational requirements - Principles, Practices, Legal Aspects
  • Our State Exam Training Package - Comprises five interrelated methods of training
       - An Online Video Crash Course of 12 hours in 70+ videos
       - Concept Audio Glossary – 5+ hours. Listen anywhere. Plus e-book
       - Prep book of 1,200 questions
       - Practice Exams with answers explained
       - Flash Card App as an interactive slideshow
       - For Training Package details, click here

  • A printed copy of our Career Manual to help you build a sustainable career though branding and meet your income goals
  • Every educational and State Exam Training device available

Course Content
Licensing & Prep Package — e-books and printed books
The Licensing & Prep package includes:
  • The 3-Course educational requirements of Principles, Practices, Legal Aspects
  • The State Exam Training Prep Book and Practice Exams
  • This purchase does not include the Video Crash Course, Concept Audio Glossary, Flash Card App or printed Career Manual

Course Content
Licensing Package — e-books and printed books
The Licensing Package includes:
  • Real Estate Principles
  • Real Estate Practice
  • Legal Aspects — the elective
  • These are the minimum educational requirements qualifying you to take the State Exam
  • This purchase does not include any materials from the State Exam Training Package or printed Career Manual

Course Content
  • You may have completed some courses, or do not need everything in the above packages
  • Here, you can select educational courses and State Exam Training you want to take

Become a Sales Agent
  - it's easy

  1. Please review the DRE's Sales Agent Licensing eligibility requirements
  2. Enroll in the three courses and get
  3. - Instant access to online study materials
    - Printed books shipped to you the next
    business day
  4. Study and pass our course exams
  5. - Finish in as little as two months
  6. Submit your certificates of completion with your application to the DRE
  7. - Schedule your State Sales Agent Exam
  8. Train for the state exam, pass and be licensed
- Study your State Exam Prep Book
- Take the interactive Practice Exams
- Focus on the Flash Card App slideshow
- Watch the Online Video Crash Course
- Listen to Concept Audio Glossary

Licensing Course Preview

Videos embedded in e-books
  • Hours of engaging videos which vividly illustrate critical concepts. See and hear ideas put into practice in your e-books
  • Each Course Video features Learning Objectives and Video Summaries to solidify your understanding and highlight critical concepts
  • New videos added to the e-books
  • Unlimited access to all new videos during your enrollment

Course Video Preview

Student testimonials

I have been reading the chapters and then watching the videos. They have been most helpful in reinforcing the written materials.

Denise F.
Future DRE Sales Agent
on Sales Agent Licensing Package

[I liked] the ease of the course and having all the required information at your fingertips at anytime — online and books

Zenobia J
Future DRE Sales Agent
on Sales Agent Licensing Package

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