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Broker Exam Prep Book

Broker State Exam Prep Book
California Real Estate License Exam Prep: Unlock the State Exam with Prep Book and diagnostic online practice exams.
1,100+ multiple choice questions presented for review, weighted between the seven topical categories as imposed by the DRE on the State Exam.
New for 2018! Your purchase of the printed book includes access to a digital copy online. The print and digital books also feature a glossary of fundamental real estate terms with definitions, critical facts regarding the licensing exam, a real estate mathematics supplement, and test taking and pre-exam study tips.
Train to take the State Exam. Practice testing online.
  • Diagnostic Exam: Take a brief, 50 question Diagnostic Exam to determine which topics are you weak at. Your performance is rated within each of the seven topics on the State Exam.
  • Chapter Review and Sample Exams: You may answer the questions as they appear in the book. You receive a thorough explanation of your correct answers.
  • Topical Practice Exams: Focus your training on the topical areas which need improvement. Answer questions specific to one of the seven exam topics on the State Exam and drill-down into the subject matter to strengthen your recall.
  • Simulated State Exams: Take exams pulled at random from the entire bank of 1,100+ sample questions. You may take Simulated Exams an unlimited number of times — each attempt contains different questions in different sequences. The exam questions are weighted to conform to the seven topics on the State Exam.
  • Bonus Real Estate Scenarios chapter: learn tips and strategies for tackling challenging scenario questions which are common on the State Exam

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Refund requests for the Prep Book and Video Crash Course must be made within 90 days of purchase.

Pass the State Exam
on the first try.

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Student testimonials

It's one of the best prep books I have seen. THANKS!

Millie A.
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on Exam Prep Book

The prep book covered everything I needed to know.

Leslie P.
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on Exam Prep Book

I used the Flash Cards, book, end of chapter exams and mock exams (both online and in book) as the training tools, which I really attribute to my passing.

Serena F.
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on Exam Prep Book

"Love the simulated exams with the lengthy explanations (as part of the answer key.) This was hugely helpful in studying the ones that I missed during practice, and really comprehending where my lack of understanding was coming from."

Christina S.
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on Exam Prep Book

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