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Broker State Exam Training Package

Welcome to State Exam Training, by firsttuesday

  • This training package is for the Broker's State Exam, a requisite to licensing
      - To meet this task, we provide the materials you need to prepare for and pass the State      Exam
  • If you were looking for the requisite licensing courses to take the Sales Agent State Exam, click here
  • If you were looking for the training package for the Broker State Exam, click here

The State Exam Training we recommend

  • To build your confidence and master the State Exam questions, we have brought together for you five interrelated methods of training
    Online Video Crash Course
        - A topflight classroom presentation, enhanced with graphics and prerecorded to perfection
        - 90+ video segments, running 12+ hours, with new videos being added constantly
    Prep Book
        - Unlocks the State Exam for you, using our bank of 1,200+ multiple choice questions
        - Coordinated to run in tandem with the Online Video Course Training
    Practice Exams
        - Take unlimited simulated state exams covering randomly selected sample questions
        - Questions are taken from the Prep Book with the correct answers fully explained
        - Designed to look and function identically to the State Exam — master the format
        - Replicates the State Exam structure and presentation
            - Get comfortable with the method of presentation used on the State Exam
    Flash Cards and Crosswords
        - Interact with real estate terms so you train to retain
        - The Flash Card app focuses on the definitions for glossary terms you have not yet        mastered
        - 60+ crossword puzzles with solutions
        - Take puzzles by real estate topic, or a mixture of all topics randomized
    Concept Audio Glossary
        - Real estate terms, concepts, exam jargon and more
        - Study anywhere with direct access to State Exam terms from your phone
        - Listen in on the State Exam terms anywhere from your phone
  • The price for the complete State Exam Training Package is $109.50
        - For only the Prep Book and practice exams, $44.50
  •     - For only the Concept Audio Glossary, $44.50

To get started

Our five training methods

Online Video Crash Course - exclusively for California
  • Benefit from our topflight prerecorded crash course at home, from your computer or smart device, at your schedule
  • Over 12 hours of online content in 90+ instructional videos, ranging from 4 to 14 minutes in length
  • Covers all seven categories of the State Exam
  • Tips and tricks to help you reach the correct answers
  • Unlimited online access for one year
  • Chronology of videos correspond to Prep Book questions
California State Exam Prep Book
  • Available both in print and as an online e-book for your training
  • The book contains 1,200+ multiple-choice questions weighted between the seven topics as allocated by the DRE in the State Exam
  • The book contains a glossary with definitions and references to related Prep Book questions
  • Our Prep Book covers
       - Fundamental real estate vocabulary likely to appear on the State Exam
       - Critical facts on DRE State Exam Procedures
       - A real estate math section
       - Tips and strategies for taking the State Exam and your pre-exam last-minute review
       - A brand new bank of challenge questions — perfect preparation for the Sales Agent Exam
Practice Exams - Online
  • Initial diagnostic exam determines your weak topics
  • No practice limit — retake until retained
  • Performance is rated for each State Exam topic
        - Questions randomized and pulled from our Prep Book’s entire bank of over 1,200+
        - Answers explained in detail
        - Highlights exactly where to better focus your learning for improvement
Flash Card App
  • The Flash Card app's efficient learning modes create memorized-sorting term slideshows
  • 60+ crossword puzzles with solutions for you to check your comprehension
  • Take crosswords by topic to drill down into specific real estate concepts
  • Challenge yourself by taking randomized puzzles which pull clues from all crosswords
  • Quickly learn the definition for words from our glossary of real estate terminology, built on what has been seen on the State Exam
Concept Audio Glossary
  • Immerse yourself in the language of real estate — terms, concepts, exam jargon and more
  • Listen anywhere on your phone — during commutes, at the gym, doing chores
        - Turn everywhere you go into a portable classroom
  • Over 5 hours of highly specialized real estate terminology and concepts likely to appear on the State Exam
        - We give the broader context, not just simple dictionary definitions
  • Organized in accordance with the seven topical sections of the State Exam
        - Isolate your problem topics then become the expert
  • Delivered by a DRE-licensed real estate instructor, talented and with over 40 years of experience and expertise
  • Easy-to-understand discussions, plus application of how the terms will be depicted on
    the State Exam
  • Includes online access to our 120 page Concept Glossary companion e-book
        - Aid your comprehension by studying along with the audio narrative, or reading the e-book
          or reading the e-book
        - Extensive citations to further RPI writings, videos and forms to drill down into more
          details and examples
Pass the State Exam
on the first try
  • Questions about scheduling your exam? Email the DRE at AskDRELicensing or call 1.877.373.4542
How our State Exam Training Package works

Student testimonials

The material provided for firsttuesday (books and videos) were helpful and crucial to accomplish my goal. Last week I passed in Oakland on my first try!

Patricia B.
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on State Exam Training Package

I want to thank your online school for preparing me for the DRE real estate exam. I could not have passed the exam without your online program. I enjoyed the videos and the all of the online content.

Angie P.
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on State Exam Training Package

I finished in under two hours and passed on the first try. I would not have passed without the strategies I learned using the Online Video Crash Course through first tuesday.

Cynthia E.
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on State Exam Training Package

Great experience and I was very prepared and felt comfortable with my preparation for the test.

Ron E.
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on State Exam Training Package

The language in the state exam was the same as the online video crash course. I was pleasantly surprised at how close and spot on the video crash course was to the exam.

Jackie D.
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on State Exam Training Package

The test taking tactics were a nice surprise and the "office hours" supplements covered really interesting topics that broke down complicated concepts which helped me understand and retain them.

Gabriela M.
DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on State Exam Training Package

The videos really helped me. As a retired professor, I thought the teacher did a great job on his lectures. He showed you how to take the exam by ruling out the two obvious incorrect answers that do not work and concentrating on the two remaining. His techniques helped me.

Monica G. facebook
Future DRE Sales Agent or Broker
on State Exam Training Package

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