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DRE eLicensing Tutorial

Welcome to eLicensing Tutorial, by first tuesday

Step 1

Go to the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) website at and click the eLicensing button on the right

Step 2

If you have not yet registered to use eLicensing, click Register. If you have already registered, sign in and proceed to Step 6

Step 3

Click I Accept to agree to the DRE's terms and conditions

Step 4

Register to use eLicensing by entering your social security number and birth date. Click Continue

Step 5

After logging in or successfully registering, you will be taken to the Your Menu Options page. License Renewal

Step 6

Read the License Renewal instructions and click Continue

Step 7

Answer the Yes/No questions and click Continue

Step 8

Press No to confirm your mailing address or Yes to change it

Step 9

Enter your phone number and email address

Step 9(a)

If you indicated you are engaged in real estate activities in Step 8, enter the license number of your employing broker. (Click here to find your broker's license number)

  • If your employing broker is available to certify your employment, click Yes. Your employing broker will enter their eLicensing username and password and click Certify on the Employing Broker/Corporation Certification page
  • If your employing broker is not available to certify your employment, click No. Provide your employing broker's email address on the Employment Certification Information page. Your broker will be emailed a reminder to certify your employment using eLicensing. If your employment is not certified within 7 days, a letter is mailed to your broker requesting they certify your employment using eLicensing.

    If your employment is not certified within 30 days of processing your renewal, your license will be renewed under the nonbroker affiliated (NBA) status and you cannot practice

Step 10

On the Continuing Education Requirement page, click Add Course

Step 11

Enter the 8-digit certification Number, registration date and date of completion from the first tuesday Certificate of Completion for each of your courses. Click Save after each course is individually entered

Step 12

After all courses totaling 45 hours have been entered, click Validate

Step 13

Click Continue on the Continuing Education Validation page

Step 14

Click Continue to pay for your license renewal with credit card

Step 15

Provide the requested data on the Payment Information page and click Pay

Step 16

Click Finished to confirm your payment has been approved and to complete the online renewal process. Your renewal takes effect immediately

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