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NMLS 20-hour Licensing Course

Welcome to 20-hour Pre-Licensing courses

This 20-hour package of courses qualifies you to take the NMLS exam for federal registry to become a California Mortgage Loan Originator

How the course works

  • Online instructor-led (OIL) classes are held online — log in anytime of the day — 24/7 — and work on the course at your convenience
  • The 20-hour Pre-Education requirement is split into a 2-hour CA-DFPI course and an 18-hour SAFE course
  • Take breaks as you need throughout the day, work at night

20-Hour Course Covers

2-hour CA-DFPI
  • Meets the education requirements as laid out by the California Department of Financial Protection & Innovation (DFPI), formerly DBO
18-Hour SAFE Act (14 day course)
  • Covers Federal Laws and Regulations dealing with the extension of credit to borrowers based on information about the borrower and the handling and use of consumer information in the mortgage industry. Specifically, ECOA, FCRA/FACTA/Red Flag Rules, HMDA and the DNCIA are covered as well as key disclosures
  • RESPA - Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
    (enacted in 1974 implemented by Reg X)
        - Established specific disclosure requirements in the real estate settlement
          process and prohibits specific practices such as kickbacks.
  • SAFE Act - Secure and Fair Enforcement Act for Mortgage Licensing
    (enacted in 2008)
        - This act is a component of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
          (Title V)
        - The SAFE Act requires the licensing and registration of all mortgage loan
          originators and mandates the creation of a National Mortgage Licensing System
          and Registry (NMLSR).
  • Covers the Truth-in-Lending Act, known as TILA
        - Part of the coverage of TILA includes amendments. One covered is HOEPA
        - Also included is the newest MDIA updates
  • Includes Truth-In-Lending Disclosure, the Right to Rescission Form and the Section 32 Truth-In-Lending Disclosure
  • How Laws Enforce Ethics - this module covers the ethical and economic basis for laws and discusses the purpose of various fair lending laws in the mortgage industry.
  • More on HOEPA and Predatory Lending - this module details the topic of predatory lending, reviewing the various methods used and the HOEPA prohibitions to protect consumers from these practices
  • More on Yield Spread Premiums - this module delves deeper into the deceptive earnings in Yield Spread Premiums
  • Mortgage Fraud - this module covers the predatory mortgage schemes that have been practiced as well as basic preventative measures
  • This course is taught in context of the 2007 housing meltdown and includes the features, pros and cons of each type of loan
  • Summarizes non-traditional mortgages introduced since the early 1980s
Specific loans covered include:
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
  • Interest Only Mortgages (IOs)
  • Negative Amortization Mortgage
  • Buydowns
  • Construction Permanent Mortgages
  • Balloons
  • HELOCs
  • Reverse Mortgages

MortgageACE test preparation

  • 4 Practice Exams with 125 Questions on the National Exam
  • Unlimited practice tests from our database of over 500 questions
  • Hundreds of pages of materials well-organized into over 40 lessons
  • Each question includes answer explanations with a link to the relevant lesson

  • For the online courses, an enrollment fee refund, less a 15% processing charge, will be made when requested on or before seven (7) calendar days of the purchase date and before you start the online course.
  • For the classroom courses, the request for this refund must be received on or before fourteen (14) days prior to the course start date.

This education is delivered in the Online Instructor Led (OIL) format as required
by the NMLS for online Pre-Licensure education
  • OIL - 3 Hour Online SAFE PE - Ethics, Fair Lending and Fraud (1646)
  • OIL - 3 Hour Online SAFE PE - Federal Law - RESPA TRID Integrated Disclosures & SAFE Act (1695)
  • OIL - 4 Hour Online SAFE PE - Federal Law - Credit and Information (1694)
  • OIL - 4 Hour Online SAFE PE - Federal Law - TILA (1700)
  • OIL - 4 Hour Online SAFE PE - Nontraditional Mortgages Overview (1699)
  • PE Online Self Study - 2 Hour CA-DFPI SAFE: California State Law (11036)

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