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DRE Renewal Courses

Q: Does your package include the mandatory Ethics requirement?
A: Yes. Every 45-hour package includes 3 hours of Ethics, and all the other mandatory courses.
Q: How do I know which renewal course I need to take?
A: Any ONE (1) of our 10 45-hour packages meets all DRE CE requirements for renewal of any DRE license. You may choose whichever course package is of most interest to you. Our Video Renewal Course™ is a popular choice for students who prefer watching videos to reading.
Q: Can I repeat the same DRE renewal course I took in my previous renewal?
A: Yes. If you repeat a course from a prior renewal, you will still receive new material. All material is updated to reflect current law and practice every 24 to 36 months.
Q: What's the difference between the study methods?
A: All four study methods include online access to the entire course and satisfy the renewal requirement.

The video & e-book study method includes 6 hours of cinematic video supported by online reading (no timer). Printed book & e-book study method includes hard copies of the books that are mailed to you along with online access to the PDF e-books (no timer). E-book study method includes online access to your PDF e-books (no timer). Online-timed study method is completed from our website in your web browser (timed).

Your 45-hour continuing education package is divided into 3 sections. Each section has its own quizzes and exam(s). You may complete the Video & e-book, Printed book & e-book and e-book course in as little as 6 days. You need to attempt all quizzes and let 2 days of study time elapse prior to taking the final exam(s) for a section.

The online-timed study method comes with a reading timer, which counts your hours spent in the course. Upon accruing 15 hours reading and completing the quizzes for any one section, your exam for that section will be available. You may complete the online-timed course in as little as 3 days.

(Note: Inactivity for 10 minutes in the online-timed will cause you to be automatically logged out.)
Q: Can I use someone else's books?
A: Yes, however you will be charged the fee for an e-book enrollment. When calling in to enroll, please have the books with you to verify you have the current editions.
Q: How do I take my exams?
A: Exams and quizzes are taken online from our website or may be taken with a third-party test administrator at an additional cost. The third-party test administrator option is only available to those who enroll for e-book & printed course materials.
Q: What happens if I fail my exams?
A: All exams are multiple choice and open book. The passing score is 70%. You have 2 attempts at each exam. On the second attempt, the exam will contain different questions. If you fail both attempts at the final exam, you will be automatically re-enrolled at no cost during your initial one-year enrollment period. You must retake the course and pass the final exam with a score of 70% or better to receive credit. A two-day waiting period follows re-enrollment before you can re-attempt your exams.
Q: How do I renew my license?
A: Renew your license online at the DRE's eLicensing website, or by mailing in the renewal application, RE 251, and a check for the renewal fee to the DRE. To download the DRE forms, view our Renewing your Sales Agent License or Renewing your Broker License pages.
Q: Am I allowed to complete the course sections in any order?
A: No, sections are to be completed in chronological order.

DRE Licensing Courses

A: To obtain a California Real Estate Sales Agent License, you need to take Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and one elective course. You are then qualified to take the State Examination administered by the DRE.
A: To obtain a California Real Estate Broker License, you need:
  • to take 8 college-level real estate courses
  • and have
  • either 2 years full-time experience as a Real Estate Sales Agent; or
  • a 4-year college degree with a major or minor in Real Estate.

The courses you took to qualify for the Sales Agent license count toward the 8-course total. You may call the DRE and request your licensing course history to determine the further courses you need to qualify to take the state exam to become a broker.
Q: What applications do I need for the State Exam?
You can register and apply online to take the state exam using the eLicensing System.

For the Sales Agent Exam
  • EXAM AND LICENSE: RE 435 and RE 237 are mailed in with copies of the certificates of completion for the three required courses and a $305 exam and license fee.

For the Broker Exam
  • EXAM AND LICENSE: RE 436 and RE 237 are mailed in with copies of the certificates of completion for the 2-8 required courses and a $395 exam and license fee.

(Note: Allow 4-5 weeks to receive test date. Current processing timelines are here)
Q: What is the State Exam like?
A: The California Sales Agent exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. The applicant is given 3 hours to complete the examination. A passing score is 70% or higher (105 correct answers).

The California Broker exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. The applicant is given a total of 4 hours to complete the examination. A passing score is 75% or higher (150 correct answers).
Q: What if I have already taken a Real Estate Principles course?
A: If you completed a full-semester (or equivalent) Real Estate Principles course in college, no matter how long ago, or a Real Estate Principles course from a private vocational school in California, You will not need to re-take the course as the certificate of completion is valid forever. You will still need to complete a Real Estate Practice course and one elective course.
Q: Is my Certificate of Completion still valid?
A: If the course was taken through a private vocational school in California, your Certificate of Completion is still valid, since licensing Certificates of Completion do not expire. If it was taken through a college, your transcripts will be valid.
Q: How can I find out which courses I've already completed towards obtaining a Broker license?
A: You can contact the school you completed your courses with, or you can contact the DRE. The DRE keeps your licensing courses on file. The DRE has an automated phone system that you will use so that you do not have to wait to speak to a live representative.
Q: What is the cost for the courses?
A: The price for the Minimum Package is $176.50 for all 3 courses. You can also purchase our Basic Package for $206.50, which includes all 3 courses, plus the State Exam Prep Book. Or you can purchase our Basic-Plus Package for $256.50 which includes the 3 courses, the Prep Book, and our Online Video Crash Course.

The price for Broker Licensing Courses is $176.50 for 3 courses, $226.50 for 4 courses, $276.50 for 5 courses.
Q: How does your program work?

NMLS Renewal Courses

Q: Are firsttuesday's courses approved by the NMLS?
A: Yes. Our course provider number is 1400986. Course approval numbers are located on the NMLS order page. A list of all firsttuesday courses currently approved by the NMLS can be found here.
Q:Does firsttuesday offer a 20-hour pre-licensing course to obtain an NMLS license?
A: We partner with Mortgage Education for the 20-hour course. Click here.
Q: Is the 8-hour NMLS continuing education course online only or will I receive books?
A: The 8-hour continuing education course consists of online reading and video. No printed books.
Q: Does firsttuesday report my completion to the NMLS? How quickly?
A: Yes. We bank your NMLS course completion directly with the NMLS within 7 days of course completion. We pay the $12 banking fee. During the peak NMLS renewal season (November 1st to December 31st), we bank course completions more frequently. We notify you by email when your course has been banked with NMLS.
Q: Do you offer live 8-hour NMLS courses?
A: We partner with Duane Gomer Seminars for live NMLS courses. Click here.
Q: I heard you can't take the same course two years in a row. Can I still take firsttuesday's course if I have taken it before?
A: Yes, our courses are updated and reapproved as a new course each year.
Q: How many quizzes and exams are involved?
A: There are 8 total multiple-choice quizzes. One quiz is given online at the end of each module. There is 1 multiple-choice course exam, taken online at the end of the 8 modules.
Q: Do I have to do all 8 hours in one sitting?
A: No. You may click "Student Homepage" at any time during the reading to save your progress.
Q: Do I have to pass the quizzes?
A: You must pass each quiz with a 70% or better. You are given unlimited attempts to pass each quiz.
Q: How many times can I take the exam? Will I have to pay again?
A: You have a total of 4 attempts to pass the exam with a 70% or better. If you do not pass the exam in the 4 attempts, you will be required to wait 24 hours before you are given 4 more attempts to pass the exam. There is no charge for retaking the course during your enrollment period.
Q: Can I print the reading?
A: After you complete a module you will be able to print a PDF version of the reading.
Q: How does the computer know I spent 8 hours online?
A: You must be engaged and active in the course for the requisite amount of time designated for each page before you can move on to the next page. Per NMLS guidelines, if inactivity of more than 6 minutes is detected, you will be logged out of the course and sent to the beginning of the current unit of instruction.
Q: Can I just leave my computer running idle?
A: No. You must be engaged and active in the course for the requisite amount of time in each page before you can move on to the next page. To do this, make sure you are actively clicking on the content.
Q: When I get timed out, why does it take me back to the beginning of the unit?
A: Per NMLS guidelines, when inactivity of more than 6 minutes is detected, you will be logged out of the course and returned to the beginning of the unit of instruction.
Q: I passed my course. What do I do now?
A: Your course completion will be reported directly to the NMLS within 7 days of course completion. The NMLS updates your NMLS status within 24 hours of receiving our course completion confirmation. After 24 hours, you log into your NMLS account online and follow the steps to renew your registration. You are eligible to process your renewal up to the December 31st deadline. The NMLS recommends submission of renewal by November 1st. Step-by-step walkthroughs are on the NMLS website.
Q: What if I don't remember my BioSig ID from last year?
A: You can simply reset the password by failing the attempts three times in a row. After the third and final attempt, you will receive an email with an authentication code you enter at the website to reset your BioSig ID.
Click here for a video tutorial for resetting your password.
Q: Why won't it allow me to do the same character on all boxes? (example: 1111)
A: You may not repeat any characters in your BioSig ID. For a correct example: XL1T
Q: Will I be required to do the BioSig each time I log in?
A: Yes. BioSig is required every time you log in and when you begin modules 1,3, and 6.
Q: I drew the same password when it asked me to enter again. Why does it say it's not matching?
A: The authentication of BioSig is very sensitive. You have to be sure that the strokes in each character are identical to your previous attempt.
Q: What is the easiest way I can get through the BioSig?
A: We recommend using a simple code such as XL1T. The characters with straight lines in them are easier to draw compared to letters or number with curves and loops in them. Try to avoid characters such as S, C, G, R, 8, 6, etc.
Q: When I take courses from multiple providers, do I have to enroll using a new password for each provider?
A: No. Once you enroll a Bio-Sig-ID password under your personal NMLS ID number your password will follow you across all providers.
Q: How do I update my email address?
A: Call our offices and we'll be happy to update your email information. (951) 781-7300.

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