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Implicit Bias & Fair Housing —
5-Hour Course

Welcome to 5-Hour Implicit Bias & Fair Housing, by firsttuesday
  • Agents and brokers who expire after 2022 are required to take two hours of Implicit Bias training with their continuing education (CE) courses, and complete a restructured three-hour Fair Housing course
  • This combo is for students who need the five hours of new education and have not previously taken their CE with firsttuesday
  • Includes the interactive Access for All: A Fair Housing Game™ within Fair Housing
  • Training is completed entirely online, no printed textbook

Implicit Bias & Fair Housing Combo — CA 5-Hour
Implicit Bias
  • Prepares real estate professionals to identify and counteract elements of systemic racism — conscious and unconscious — in real estate transactions
  • Discover the wealth and homeownership gap between white, Black and Latinx households, and how it is perpetuated by discriminatory lending and real estate practices
  • Also covered is predatory lending and redlining both from a contemporary and historical perspectives
Fair Housing
  • Learn the federal and state housing laws which relate to the sale and rental of property, such as prohibitions against redlining, discriminatory advertisement, refusing to show properties and blockbusting
  • Includes Access for All: A Fair Housing Game™ which presents a variety of interactive scenarios, blending video, animation and voice in an engaging educational experience that puts you directly into the shoes of transaction participants
  • A new Certificate of Completion will be available to you containing the five hours of new education for each individual course, which you may use to process your renewal with the Department of Real Estate (DRE).
  • Want a sneak peek? Watch the introductory video for Access for All
To renew your license, your 45 hours of DRE CE needs to include a two-hour Implicit Bias (IB) course and a restructured three-hour Fair Housing (FH) course
Our IB and FH courses have been pre-approved by the DRE
However, the DRE will not accept your license renewal application until October 2022 as your license expires after 2022. In the interim, no provider of DRE CE may enroll you in either IB or FH. More information is here
To get started, enroll now and complete the majority of your DRE CE, and finish up IB and FH beginning in October
In October 2022, the following will occur:
  • The DRE will advise us we may enroll you in our pre-approved IB and FH courses
  • We will post the combined five hours of IB and FH to your student account with firsttuesday so you can complete them
  • We will advise you by email to complete the courses and renew your license
  • No fees are added for the IB and FH courses
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