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Your DRE and NMLS CE Combo

Welcome to the Mortgage CE Combo, by firsttuesday

  • You are an NMLS/MLO endorsed California DRE licensed Broker or Agent
  • In a few months, you need to renew both your DRE license and NMLS license
       - Your NMLS license before the end of 2021
       - Your DRE license within 12 months
Our Mortgage CE combo,
  • You receive two CE enrollments, both covering Mortgage Lending
       - Enrollment details below
  • Your charge is $109.50 or $94.50, not the separate total of $129, depending on the study method you select
       - NMLS CE course is e-book only
       - Pkg 505 DRE 45 CE hours - You may select a study method of either e-book only or both
         printed and e-books

To start, click the method of study you want for your DRE CE courses
*Our NMLS CE course is available in e-book form only

e-book & printed book     e-book
       The prices given below are for the study method you select
Your 8-Hr NMLS CE enrollment
  • The course title is CA-DFPI SAFE Comprehensive "2021 MLO CE Topics"
  • This 8-hour NMLS CE covers all the CE you need to renew your NMLS license for next year
       - After renewing your NMLS license, you renew your DRE MLO endorsement in Jan/Feb
  • It contains an hour of California DFPI education
  • How It Works
       - The course is entirely online with an e-book
       - Minimum 8 hours logged for reading, quizzes and exam
       - Pass your course exam
       - firsttuesday reports your completion to the NMLS and pays the banking fee
       - You login to the NMLS system to attest and pay renewal fees

BioSig Authentication Rule — NMLS mandated
Your 45-hr DRE CE enrollment
  • The course title is package #505 "California Mortgage Lending"
    - includes the six mandated three hour courses
  • Our 45-hour DRE CE package #505 includes all the CE you need to renew your DRE license
  • The course content covers all aspects of consumer and business mortgage lending under California and federal law
  • How It Works
  • - Course study based on the method you select is from e-books only or printed and e-books
    - Study for at least 6 days after enrollment before taking exams
    - Take all the quizzes and exams online
    - Pass three sets of exams — you wait at least 24 hours between each set of exams
    - You report your course completion to DRE when submitting your renewal application
Other Important Aspects and Included Services
  • Enrollments expire December 31 2021 for NMLS CE, one year from enrollment for DRE CE
  • Pricing includes $12 NMLS banking fee and any materials, taxes and shipping
  • M-F 8:30 - 5:00 PM PST
       - Customer service available at 951.781.7300
  • Editorial staff promptly answers your course questions via email
  • 17-volume Realtipedia e-books
  • The firsttuesday Journal — online real estate news, trends, laws
  • 400+ FREE RPI forms — California-specific
  • 200+ FREE FARM letters and Client Q&A Flyers
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee for refund requests made within enrollment periods and prior to taking exams

  • One low price - $109.50
  • Includes $12 NMLS Banking Fee
  • Online access is immediate
  • We'll bank your CE credits with the NMLS
  • No other fees

How CE Courses Work

Student testimonials

This was painless. It was helpful. The course work was right on target. This is pure perfection.

Greg D.
DRE Broker
on Package #901

The course was relevant to today's real estate market. It helped explain the practice and laws in real time.

Theresa H.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #901

Very professional overall. The website and licensing course materials are very well organized and easy to navigate.

Gary G.
DRE Broker
on Package #901

I was able to learn a new concept that makes me more marketable in my profession.

David M.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #405

When I had questions, the first tuesday representatives were courteous and professional. Excellent customer service.

Lynne W.
DRE Broker
on Package #901

I felt like the material was well organized and easy to use.

Julianne S.
DRE Sales Agent
on Package #603

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